Plants That Were

Plants that were... but no longer are.

These plants didn't have luck in my garden.
I'm keeping a record as a reminder for future purchases and plantings.

Definitely Gone:
--English lavender
(Lavandula angustifolia 'Ellagance Purple') 
Probably succumbed from too much water/humidity.

(Hosta undulata albomarinata, I think...)
Never even came up! (One of those dried-up plants they sell in boxed bags. Probably planted too late in the year to give it a fair chance, but I'm leery of hostas in this area, anyway... There are too many other plants better suited to our climate.)

Iberis 'Purity' was supposed to be a heat/humidity tolerant variety, but it dwindled away to nothing.  

--Gaura lindheimeri 'Little Janie'
Turned brown and withered in late summer 2015. It was planted in what I thought was well-drained (sandy) soil along the north fence, but apparently it wasn't satisfied.

--Salvia nemorosa 'New Dimension Rose'.
After a decent start, it got smaller and smaller... Not sure what went wrong, but at least it was a cheap clearance plant.

This was probably purple fountain grass, which apparently doesn't survive even our mild winters.  I didn't know that at the time, but will avoid it in future!  Very disappointing.

--bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis).
I knew this was an iffy plant, but I'm still disappointed that it didn't come back even one year.  Won't be trying this one again.  It's had its chance! ;oP

--hummingbird mint (Agastache hybrida 'Acapulco Trio').
This was a clearance plant Mom shared with me.  It did pretty well for a while, but then it dwindled during the end of last summer.  Maybe it got too much water.  Or on the other hand, maybe it didn't get enough!  don't know! 

--Willamette raspberry.
Didn't come back after their first winter.  Bought on clearance, so they weren't in prime condition from the beginning.

--dwarf yaupon holly
(I think?  Some dwarf form without sharp leaves).  These were pretty for years and had gotten to a nice size, but something began to spread through them about 2015.  I tried pruning out the bad spots, but they weren't showing improvement.  In fact, the problem seemed to spread, so we pulled them and replaced them with dwarf azaleas and small hydrangeas.  A shame to lose the hollies, but I guess occasional change is good.  

--Alabama ox-eye daisy (Heliopsis helianthoides).
Very disappointed that this didn't come back.  I was under the impression that it grows like a weed, but mine didn't leaf out in spring, and none of the seed I'd saved worked, either!  I believe these can be started from seed, though, so I may try to get a packet of seed, some spring...

--Salvia leucantha 'Waverly'.
The other two salvias I planted at the same time and the same area of the garden ('Purple Pizzazz' and Salvia leucantha) both came back with no problem, but this one was a dud.  A shame, because it was pretty... Salvias seem a little hit or miss with me.  Some thrive and some fail, and I'm never sure what I've done wrong when they fade away...

--"special" coneflower.
I don't think I'll bother with "speshul snowflake" coneflowers again.  If I do, I'll grow them from seed, so at least it's a cheap gamble.  This plant got the best sun and drainage I could give it, but it never thrived, and after its first winter, it was done.  Our climate is probably not ideal for the gorgeous hybrid coneflowers, unfortunately!  Just too damp.

On the "Watch List":
--asiatic lily (bright yellow w/ dark spots, maybe Lilium 'Sunray'?).
It might still possibly come back-- maybe lilies come up later than I expect-- but I don't see any signs of leaves, so I'm preparing myself for a no-show.  (Update, May2016:  While digging a spot for another plant, I found signs of what may have been new, just-under-the-surface growth from this lily.  I accidentally chopped most of it off, though.  It's possible it could return, later this year, or maybe next...)

--blue sea holly (Eryngium planum)
Looked ok its first year, not so good its second.  Never bloomed.  Maybe too much moisture and humidity.

--Salvia coccinea (scarlet sage / hummingbird sage)
Had to transplant it in summer 2016.  Part of it died immediately, but the rest held on for a number of weeks.  Now all looks dead.  Could possibly resprout, but not holding out much hope.

--Coreopsis grandiflora Solanna 'Golden Sphere' (aka 'Golden Ball')
Didn't seem to be coping well in summer 2016.  May come back in spring, but just as easily might not...

--gaura (Gaura lindheimeri 'Whiskers Deep Rose')
Did well its first year.  Did alright in second year, but by end of summer 2016 seemed to be dying.  I've cut it back and will wait to see what happens... Maybe too much moisture.  

--bee balm (Monarda didyma)
After doing pretty well, the two clumps are suffering in the late summer.  One looks completely dead, but may well come back in spring.  Keeping a special eye on them, next spring.  

--Salvia farinacea 'Victoria Blue' (mealycup sage)
It came back in 2016 after a fair first year, but it seems to be petering out.  Have not been impressed by this one, unfortunately.  Seed-grown 'Blue Bedder' sage seems to be just as good, and much cheaper.  Neither seem particularly long-lived, however. 

--heuchera (coral bells: 'Georgia Peach', 'Carnival Plum Crazy')
Very disappointed by these.  They are gorgeous when healthy, but in summer 2016 both seem on the decline.  Suspect that 'Carnival Plum Crazy' is gone for good.  Tried to find perfect spot-- enough sun, but not too much-- but apparently I failed!

--ox-eye daisy/marguerite/moon daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare 'May Queen')
Apparently I put it somewhere with too much moisture.  Transplanted at an inopportune time (midsummer) in an effort to save it, but unsure whether any of it pulled through.  

--Miscanthus sinesis 'Gold Breeze' (maiden grass/zebra grass)
This was a late-season "freebie-clearance" plant.  It never looked happy, from the beginning, and it's not looking any better by the end of its first summer in the garden.  Feel certain this will not return in spring.  

--golden alexanders (Zizia aureus)
Very disappointed in this one.  Not sure what went wrong, but it looks like it's on the way out. It could return in spring, but I'm not counting on it.  

--pincushion flower (Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue')
Probably didn't find the ideal spot for this one, but I begin to doubt that it's a great choice for the humid South, anyway... Still alive, but not looking happy.  

--Lilium speciosum var. rubrum '4th of July'
So disappointed by this one.  It's such a gorgeous plant in photos, but mine never seemed happy.  Am doubtful of return, but anything's possible... Will be looking for it in spring.