To Do: Winter 2016

(...if not sooner.)

--  Mulch, mulch, mulch (if it's not all done already).

--  Take delicate potted plants into warmer over-winter storage.  Garage.  House.  Maybe porch, for some borderline plants.

--  Prune roses back pretty severely.  The old-fashioned shrubs and the Knock Out roses could all do with pruning.  (Mom cuts hers back almost to the ground, and Granny used to do so, too.  They'll come back in spring.)  Be more careful about the climbing roses, though.

--  Winter-Sow-- especially anything that needs cold, like perennial black-eyed Susans.  (Basically, you put seeds in plastic containers of soil outside in an out-of-the-way spot and let Mother Nature tell them when to germinate.)

--  Knock down/destroy any remaining spider webs and wasp nests around windows and doors-- and shed, too, possibly. 

--  Clear area around A/C unit outside.  (Seriously.  DO IT NOW.)