To Do: Autumn 2016

--  After they die back for the year, add heavy winter mulch to more delicate "tropical" plants:  Curcuma elata, "Scarlet Fever" curcuma, Mexican purple sage.  (What about elephant ears, night-blooming jasmine, etc.?)

--  Rake leaves and pile on raised vegetable beds for the winter.  Put some in certain flower beds, too-- particularly the ones with less-than-ideal soil, such as the semi-shade garden area.

--  Mulch, mulch, mulch.

--  Transplant "cemetery iris" to somewhat sunnier location.

--  Remove unwanted undergrowth along the "natural" border outside the front yard.

--  Transplant the forgotten camellia(s) on the edge of the woods.

--  Check out recommended times for pruning various plants.  Autumn or winter may be good for some of them.
               ~~Prune once-blooming roses in late summer/early autumn.
               ~~Prune re-blooming roses in early spring.
               ~~For the roses that are spindly and not very well leafed-out, should I cut to the ground?
               ~~Climbers: Preserve the framework as much as possible.  Cut the off-shoots to 3"or so.