To Do: Late 2016/Early 2017

Repaint patio.
The covered patio is sorely in need of a new coat of paint.  This is a top priority.

Rework Mexican petunia bed. 
Mexican petunia needs thinning.  (May have a use for some of the divisions elsewhere in the garden.)  Some areas in need of mulch.  Remove monkey grass and use to edge one of the beds adjacent to the lawn.

Expand bamboo bed.
The part of the garden with the bamboo will be expanded to create a nice, easily mowable curve.  There will be room for 2 or 3 ornamental trees, plus shrubs and/or perennials/annuals.  Mulching will be a major part of the expansion.  Eventually, I want to edge with monkey grass, but it may have to wait until there's enough to go around.

Expand front island bed.
Room for 2 or 3 ornamental trees, plus various shrubs and/or perennials/annuals.  Mulching will be a major part of the expansion.  More monkey grass here, too, eventually.

Landscape front left corner of house. 
This area has been neglected, ever since my earlier plantings failed.  Put variegated euonymous on corner.  Replace unhealthy dwarf holly with dwarf nandina.  Mulch.

Tidy front foundation planting.
Renew mulch.  May need to prune Indian hawthorn along the front of the house.  Also a good time to plant drought-tolerant perennials along the front.  (Nothing too invasive, please!)  Monkey grass along the front, eventually-- probably not during this cool season, though.  Figure out how to handle path to front door stoop... (Landscape fabric under gravel?  Concrete pavers?  A combo of the two?) Maybe a good time to put up some sort of house numbers on the house, too... On the brick column?

Expand garage corner bed.
(By utility door, southwest corner.)  Plant single "skinny" ornamental tree here-- rose of Sharon?  Also room for more perennials/annuals here.  Mulch and edge with monkey grass.  Possibly bring bed around to spigot on west side of garage.  Put in gravel short access from lawn to utility door (edged in brick?).

Finish spreading gravel.
There are a few more places that still need it (under patio swing) and several low spots that could use another wheelbarrow or two of gravel.  The goal is to have it drive-able before the warm weather returns-- at the very latest.

Finish new arbor.
Not much left to do, but it's probably on hold until cooler weather returns.

Tidy garage-front bed.
This area has gotten weedy, partly due to Mt. Gravel and resultant inconvenient access.  Re-mulch.  Maybe plant a few more things (small shrubs, perennials, annuals) here, eventually.  Main goal is to cut down on weeds for next year.

Clear (or re-clear) woods path(s).
It's not too bad, but an afternoon of work would make it easier to get back in our little wooded area, again-- particularly for gathering pine straw mulch.  If I'm lucky, we may even be able to get to what remains of the brick pile. I don't think there's much left but broken brick/rubble, but I'd like to at least give it a look.  We might have a use for it, at some point.

Create island bed on pad.
This is something I've thought about off and on for a year or two, now.  I think it might be nice to have an island bed on the septic pad, but whether or not I actually start one will depend on how far I get with other projects this year-- unless it suddenly becomes of the utmost importance and cuts in ahead of something else.

Fix up shed.
Some trim is missing.  Most trim needs paint.  Do the shingles on the south side need cutting/evening up?  More carpenter bee traps?