Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Today I...

-- Transplanted three marigolds from a pot into the ground. 
Don't know if they'll make the transition, but they were getting dried out in the pot, and since they're just annuals (and cheap seed-grown ones at that), it won't matter one way or the other. 

--  Weeded a little along the fence and in the small triangle bed up by the easement. 
That corner has a 'Little Gem' magnolia surrounded by several white spider lilies (Hymenocallis) and a crinum lily or two.  The weeds weren't as bad to pull as feared, though I didn't try to pull every last one of the tiniest weeds, so I'll need to repeat the process before long.  The grass has made inroads, though.  Need to either spray it or go back with the shovel and turn it under, along one edge.  (Note to self: This is an area that could use monkey grass edging, at some point.)

--  Gathered seed.
Unknown daylily (x2).  Short orange cosmos.  Red and hot pink zinnias.  Ivory cleome.  Should start gathering marigolds, next time.

--  Repotted "Mexican ghost plant" succulents. 
This plant has hung on through many years-- including some of neglect-- but it's not thriving.  In fact, it's been dwindling away.  I've tried to multiply them with limited success, but apparently I'm not doing something right, which is frustrating, since it's supposed to be a fool-proof plant.  Anyway, they're repotted now (into two pots) and recuperating on the covered patio before making a return to full sun. 

--  Trench-composted.
Trying to improve the sandy soil in some spots. 

--  Watered.
Because some of these plants (such as the ones in pots) need it on a regular basis.

--  Primed.
There were a few spots on the two sides of the "arbor-in-progress" that needed touching up-- and a few more on the ivy trellis box.  (Next up is paint.)  Then I picked up where Donald left off in priming the next several boards for the top of the arbor.  (Not all, but the starters.) 

- - - - - - -

Then when Donald came home he did some more outdoor work.  He started painting the primed boards for the top of the arbor, spread more gravel in front of the garage, and began digging the next section of the pathway. 

We're making progress, one step at a time!

(Sorry, no photos today.  I'll try to remember to take at least a few tomorrow.)