Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Random March Photos



Pots of caladium successfully weathered the winter in the garage (no water until spring):


'Peggy Martin' rose:

'Peggy Martin' Rose

'Blue Bedder' Salvia ready to bloom soon:

'Blue Bedder' Sage

'Blue Bedder' Sage

Sweet William surprised me (didn't know it was still alive):

Sweet William

Knock Out rose:

Double Red KO Rose

A few daylilies are already putting up scapes!:

Emerging Daylily Scapes

Ipheion uniflorum (spring starflower):

Spring Starflower

Here are some of the succulents recently released from the prison of the garage window.  The hypertufa planter is one I made last summer and just planted up.  I'd like to make more, but it takes an effort to get it all together and do it!


Daylily seedlings:

Daylily Seedlings
Nearing sunset:

Garden Sunset