Monday, September 28, 2015

Rain and Late Summer Photos

Our neighboring counties to both the east and the west have had flooding rains yesterday and today. We've received maybe 1.5 inches so far. That amount might have to do, if the bigger rains keep avoiding us, but I was hoping for another inch or two more to start erasing the deficit caused by recent dry weeks.

- - - - - - -

Photos from before the rain came through:



Mexican petunia:

Mexican Petunia

And again with what I think is a clouded skipper (but I'm rarely 100% sure about butterflies):

Mexican Petunia

There are flower buds on the swamp daisy!  (Maybe they were already there when Mom brought it over; I don't remember.)

Swamp Daisy Flower Buds

Still waiting for the Confederate rose to bloom:

Confederate Rosebuds

Pink rose rebloom (KnockOut rose in front, unknown "pink-lavender/cool pink" shrub rose in back):

Pink Roses in Early Autumn

The Mexican purple sage (Salvia purpurea) is being overgrown by cypress vine.  I've pulled some of it already, but there's more to do.


This is the most jungly part of the flower garden.  It will undergo some renovation during the cool season (whenever it finally gets here... not that anyone's tapping her toes impatiently or anything).

Jungle Garden ;o)

Close-up of the black-eyed Susan vine (aka clock vine):

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Technically, it's already autumn.  That's according to the calendar, I guess, because it's certainly not reflected in the weather.  Temperatures are easing down, to be fair, and the humidity can't compare to the oppression of July and August, but it still feels distinctly summery out there.

On the other hand, we're not in a severe drought, nor are we sited on a flood-prone riverside-- count your blessings, etc., etc.