Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Twilight and Morning

At some point, these photos begin to feel repetitious. The same things are blooming, so they are the things that tend to be photographed week after week. However, all too soon there will be very few flowers. The same cool weather that will make it more enjoyable to be outside will also put an end to many blooms. We'll enjoy them while we can.

Twilight photos:

We have a couple of hummingbirds fighting an endless battle over the feeder.  They've also been spotted visiting some of the flowers, including mina lobata.

Hummingbird at the Feeder

Mom brought these over, earlier this week-- a mountain of cuttings of purple heart (Tradescantia pallida).  We'll see if it'll root.  Apparently it was growing right across the sidewalk at Grandpa's house.  This is a lot of purple heart, but this isn't even all Mom brought.  There's another smaller bucket in addition to this huge bunch of it.

This is another of those plants that will always remind me of Granny's garden-- and of course these cuttings came from her own flower beds-- so I'm very hopeful they'll take root.   If they don't have time before winter comes, there's always spring to give it another try.

Purple Heart

Mina lobata.

Mina Lobata

Bursting with bloom!

Mina Lobata

Mina Lobata

Mina Lobata

A few of the moonflower vines are still going.  The one by the back porch has shriveled up, though.  Luckily, there appear to be plenty of seed pods.  As long as the leaf-footed sink bugs don't ruin them somehow, there should be enough seed to save for next year-- and probably some to spare.  It's hard to wait, but they should be left to dry on the vine.

Moonflower Vine

Trixie and Luna insist on an afternoon/evening fetch session.


September Garden

September Garden

Recognize these? ;o)
Blanket flower is still in flower.

Blanket Flower

And marigolds, too.


The elephant ears are getting shorter.  I think they've noticed a change in the weather-- or maybe the length of the days.

Still no sign of flowers on the Mexican purple sage (Salvia purpurea), in the background of this photo.  The plants from cuttings are all doing well, though.  Some of them are a yard or more tall, already.

Oh, and a note for the future:  There seems to be a wasp nest in the viburnum (by the garage personnel door).  It seems a strange place for a nest, but then again, I've never really understood wasps.  (Monstrous creatures that they are.)

September Garden

Morning photos...

The blue morning glory is blooming well, but its leaves are becoming yellow.  Well, it is "only" an annual.  I'm surprised it's done as well as it has, considering what a late start it got.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Though they are often overlooked (taken for granted?), the Knock Out roses have performed very well this year.  They are a reliable source of color.

The double red (below) are probably the best, followed by the double pink.   The single yellow have been less floriferous, but then again, they're still getting established.  Some of them were only tiny plants, and I only transplanted them from Mom's garden this spring.  They may bloom more in years to come.  I've noticed that the yellow roses are producing hips, which is something the red and pink haven't done (as far as I've seen).

Double Red KO Rose

That's it for this bunch of photos!