Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mostly Bees

I haven't seen any hummingbirds for a few days.  Maybe the last of them have moved through our area-- or just the two or three that had been hanging around here.

On sunny days, there are still quite a few butterflies (mostly sulphurs, skippers, and Gulf fritillaries).

Butterfly and Marigolds

But mostly, in recent days, I'm noticing the bees.

Bees on "blue bedder" sage...

Bee on Blue Bedder Sage

Bee on Blue Bedder Sage

Bees on "pinata" lavender...

Bee on Pinata Lavender

Bees on swamp daisies...

Swamp Daisy

Bees (though unpictured) on marigolds and Mexican petunias...

And even more bees on blanket flowers.

Bees and Blanket Flower

Bees and Blanket Flower

Bees and Blanket Flower

The other evening, we noticed bees sleeping on the blanket flowers, and Donald took a photo.

Sleeping Bees

There's something sweet and calming about bees sleeping on flowers.
It makes me sleepy, too, just thinking about it.