Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Few Photos from Friday

The two rose of sharon trees/tall shrubs have been flowering for a week or so. 

This one's all white...

Rose of Sharon

...and looks very Hawaiian to me, for some reason, against the blue sky...

Rose of Sharon

...and the other is light purple with a red eye.  (I think it is, at least, though you can't see the eye in this photo, due to the angle and the partially closed flowers.) 

The even taller shrub-tree in the back is some variety of loropetalum (Chinese fringe flower).  I wish I knew what kind it was, just for curiosity's sake.  We got another tiny loropetalum recently, on clearance ($1.72).  It's 'Ruby', which is supposed to be a dwarf form, so it shouldn't be the same as the one we already have (unless the mature size estimates for 'Ruby' are completely wrong).  

Rose of Sharon

One of the black-eyed Susan vines (Thunbergia) are blooming.  It's still a little thing, but at least it's trying.  The other one is in a hanging basket.  I've read that clock vine (another common name) is good in hanging baskets, but so far, it's trying to climb up.  It's reached the top of the hanger, and there's not much else to climb, where it is, so I'll be interested to see what it does next. 

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Aloe and some marble and wire decorative plant stakes:

Aloe Vera

Here's the bit of bleeding heart that has successfully rooted.  If I had any faith of its return next spring, I'd be tempted to try rooting more of it.  This piece was certainly easy! 

Isn't it satisfying when a cutting roots?  Especially when (as with this one) it wasn't an intentional cutting.  Taking a pruning or accidental damage and making a new plant out of it is nothing short of a thrill.  I'm seeing promising results (fingers crossed) with a piece that broke off of my new red Mexican ruellia (Ruellia elegans) and one or two other broken pieces of plants tucked into pots.

Unfortunately, the cuttings I took from the climbing/rambling pink rose (the one that may or may not be 'Lavender Lassie') are not looking good.  Oh well.  I can try again, I guess...  In the meantime, I'll leave them where they are.  You never know what might happen.

Rooted Bleeding Heart



Double Red KnockOut rose:

Double Red KnockOut Rose