Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vegetable Beds - Another Perspective

Vegetable Beds

I picked a couple of small yellow squash a day or two ago and thinned out the okra seedlings.  (I was heavy-handed when planting, because the leftover seeds aren't likely to be good next year, anyway.)

Blooms have been appearing on the peppers, and Donald says he's seen the beginnings of tiny cherry tomatoes on the 'Sweet 100's.

We've caught wild rabbits "visiting" the beds multiple times, already, and I suspect they've been helping themselves to some lettuce.

In the background, behind the tomatoes, you can see the blueberry bushes. Still not ready to pick.

- - - - - - -

A segment on the local news reminded me about tromboncino squash, which are supposed to be better-suited to our climate than the more commonly-planted yellow crookneck squash.  Tromboncino squash is more resistant to squash vine borers and other pests and diseases.  Apparently it's not too late to plant them, even now, but I don't know if we'll bother with it this year. 

For next year's vegetable garden, though, I think it would be interesting to give them a try.  They are best grown vertically up a trellis of some sort, so I'd probably put them in the northernmost bed to prevent them from casting too much shade over other plantings. 

Another idea for next year's garden-- maybe position the okra plants further out from the garage wall, so they'll start getting sun even earlier in the day.