Saturday, May 23, 2015

Vegetabe Bed Update

A couple of overview shots:

Raised Vegetable Beds

The seed-grown zucchini are quickly catching up with the crookneck yellow squash (not grown from seed, this year).

As you can see, I put some bamboo stakes next to the peppers to provide a little extra support.

Raised Vegetable Beds

The "Seed Bed":

"Seed Bed"

The zucchini have yet to bloom.

The lettuce was kind of pathetic, this year-- but I haven't bothered to try again, because I'm more than satisfied to use the home-grown sprouts instead of lettuce.

The bunching onions are also pathetic.  I need to sow some more seeds... If I recall correctly, those onion seeds are only good for a year, anyway.  No sense in saving them, really.

Donald's eaten a few of the red radishes, but the white variety we're also trying this year are slower.  Plenty of growth above ground, but not enough below.

The okra seedlings aren't growing very quickly, at the moment, but they're all hanging on.

The Swiss chard is also hanging in there, but not doing anything exceptional.

The chives are alright.  I think they're growing, but it's not amazingly fast. 

The Little Pepper That Could is doing well.  It may even give us some peppers! 

The "Squash and Pepper (and Tomato) Bed":

Squash, Pepper, and Tomato Bed

Despite my continued concerns over the appearance of the vines, the crookneck squash is still producing.  There's not a ton of squash, but it's enough for us, since Donald rarely eats it.  If it picks up production, I'll have to see if anyone wants some of the extra. 

There are tiny bell peppers in the making, and that jalapeno I photographed before is getting to a decent size, now.  (I need to find out when they should be picked...)

The cherry tomatoes in the back are getting so tall!

The "Tomato Bed":

Tomato Bed

I tried pruning some/most of the tomatoes, this week.  I'm still not sure I'm doing it perfectly, but I guess it's worth a try.  Two of the tomato plants look a little troubled.  I think it might be two of the determinate heirlooms ('Homestead').  We're not sure what's wrong with them, but for now, we're leaving them in place...

I'll close with a photo of what I think are 'Early Girl' tomatoes: