Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Photo-Heavy Post

Donald did a little more "perimeter-clearing" yesterday, but is taking today off from yard work (to rest his sore arm).  Myself, I did just a bit yesterday, filling some of the holes in the raised bed cinder blocks with mulch-dirt.  Today, I spent an hour or so planting plugs of good sod (scraped from in front of the garage) into the weed patch that pretends to be the lawn on the pad.

("The pad" is the raised septic pad we had to have put in when we first started living on this land.  The soil didn't drain fast enough to suit regulations, so a humongous rectangle of soil had to be built up for our septic system.  It's right behind the house and not bad looking, as these things go, since it blends in fairly well, but for whatever reason-- poor soil?  too dry?-- the grass has never grown well there.) 

- - - - - - -

Now for a photo-tour of things that caught my eye around our yard, yesterday...

Cleome Seedlings

Cleome seedlings are peeking up through the thin remainder of last year's mulch.  (I've been holding off mulching that bed, because I don't know if they could grow through the thicker, fresh layer of mulch I've been spreading.  Would they?)


The viburnum is now fully clothed in leaves, and the flower buds are starting to appear. 

Viburnum Leaves

We love the crinkled texture of the leaves.  They look their best this time of year, I think.  Last summer, they always seemed a little wilted in the heat of the afternoon.  It always perked back up after a good night's rest, but the droopy look was sad.  I'm curious to see if that's something we should expect every summer, or if a more established viburnum won't feel the heat as much. 


The achillea from Mom's garden are all growing and looking healthy.  (The tiny, fragile ones from seed just sit there, not doing much.)

Dianthus (Pinks)

These three clumps of dianthus that Donald planted last spring/early summer survived the winter and look prettier than ever, right now. 

Dianthus (Pinks)

Bright and cheerful!

Tiger Lily

The tiger lilies have emerged.  It will be a while before they bloom, though.

Volunteer Marigolds

Marigolds have volunteered in a few places around the yard.  (I haven't started those seeds, yet.)  These three are in one of the cinder block holes (of the raised vegetable beds). 


The blueberry bushes have berries.  No telling whether they'll hang on and plumpen up, however.  We probably ought to start watering those shrubs during dry spells...

Bridal Wreath

The other bridal wreath has been blooming, now.  It's definitely not in top form.  I want to give it a harsh pruning-- and maybe the other one, too, since it probably would also benefit from some tough love.

Everything I read says that it's ok to prune them back to the ground (or maybe about six inches above ground), usually right after blooming.  They may not bloom the first year after harsh pruning, but should recover by the next spring.


The azaleas along the front fence are full of blooms. 

Night-Blooming Jasmine

The Pensacola-based source I read last year was correct regarding this night-blooming jasmine:  It did die back to the ground during the winter, but it seems to be bouncing right back again.   It's not one of my favorites, but I'm glad to see it make a return.

New Hydrangea

Last summer, I planted two "new" hydrangeas created by layering branches of the existing one (at the back corner of the patio).  I'm pleased to see that both are putting out new leaves. 

Viburnum Cuttings

Those three viburnum cuttings (that I rooted in water as an afterthought) are now planted in some of that nice, dark mulch-dirt.  So far, so good!

Daylily Seedlings

The daylily seedlings don't seem to be doing much, but when I compare this photo to the last one I took, I guess they are growing.  I think they may be ready for a slightly sunnier location-- somewhere with a little direct sunlight.  It might be a good idea to transplant them into bigger pots soon, too... (Those tiny cups can dry out so quickly in the sun.)

Yellow Knock-Out Rose Bud

At least a couple of the small (volunteer) yellow knock-out roses Mom gave us from her garden are already putting on buds!  I'm amazed at how hardy they are!

English Ivy

The ivy seems happy.  Lots of new leaves.

English Ivy

Some of this variegated ivy is almost entirely white/cream-colored!  It looks so strange... It would be gorgeous growing over brick, but nope.  I've heard too many horror stories.  No brick for you!

Morning Glory Seedlings

These morning glories would rather be outside.  (They're on the kitchen table.)  Maybe tomorrow they can move out of the house.

Ghost Plant and Aloe

Ghost plant and aloe...

Luna and Trixie

Trixie and Luna

And in closing, the resident Eskies!  Trixie (the elder and larger) and Luna (looking lovely in biscuit/cream).