Sunday, March 29, 2015


This is the blog's first post.  (The previous handful were written for an old, no longer active blog.) 

I decided to start a new blog with a focus on the garden (and a secondary focus on our home and life in general) because, well, I wanted a clean slate. 

This blog is meant to record the progress of our garden and home improvements-- something to look back on when I want to remember how far we've come-- a way to remember those things which inevitably fade with time. 

So it's primarily for myself, because I enjoy blogging, but it's also for any friends and family who want to keep up with our latest doings-- and it's possible that even a few complete strangers will stop by from time to time.  (Make yourself at home!) 

- - - - - - -

For any who don't really know us, we live in a coastal county of Alabama (thus the name of the blog).  We're not within walking distance of the actual coast-- more like a half-hour drive to the beach, about half that to Mobile Bay-- but we're close enough that our area is considered "coastal", I guess.  (Close enough that we need to pay attention during hurricane season, too.)

Our home is in a rural area of a county that is growing very rapidly.  There are both good and bad things about a growing population.  Since we can't do anything about it (short of moving away), we're better off focusing on the good things (when we can). 

I've lived in this area all my life, and in fact, our house is located within quick walking distance of my parents' new home and the home of my maternal grandfather.  My husband, Donald, on the other hand, moved here from Sweden in 2001-- totally different climate from what he grew up in, not to mention the language and cultural differences. 

Neither of us are expert gardeners, but we both grew up in rural surroundings, with family members who gardened (both flowers and vegetables)-- and you don't have to go back very far in either of our families to find farmers.

We're gradually shaping this patch of land to suit our needs and wishes. 

There are new raised vegetable beds (not yet planted), and I'm trying to create a cottage garden in part of our fenced yard.  Then there are the gravel paths/parking area, and a new mini patio off the back porch, and the trails we're clearing through the woods, and-- well, you get the idea.  We have a lot of plans-- some of which we may even carry out, at some point in the future.  ;o) 

Want to tag along and see how it works out?