Sunday, March 8, 2015

Planting and Moving Pots

Last week, I planted a bunch of things Mom gave me pieces of from her garden.  There were several volunteer yellow Knock Out roses, divisions of the daylilies that Carrie and Victor grew from seed, a piece of pink-flowering creeping phlox, Mexican heather, a branch of Encore azalea that had rooted itself, and one or two things we didn't know the names of. (After doing a little googling, I think the unknown plant may be achillea, which is one of the plants I'm currently trying to grow from seed. Coincidence!)

Placing those plants has made me excited about the prospect of one or two other projects for the garden.  For one thing, I'm gathering up stones from various piles around the yard.  A small rock garden, maybe?  Just off the back porch, beside the proposed site of a small patio.

This weekend, I moved the seed pots outside and brought out the plants that spent the winter in the garage.  They're all on the covered patio, where they can acclimate.  (Judging by the forecast, though, I may need to move the delicate seedlings back under cover.  We're expecting a lot of rain.)

Below, photos from last week.   Pink loropetalum, white loropetalum (witch-hazel), daffodils, camellia, Japanese magnolias, and periwinkle (variegated vinca).