Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring in Full Swing

This weekend, we set up the last of three vegetable beds in its new place behind the garage.  (Photos next time?)  They still need some more soil, but they're in place.

Then we started working on clearing some brambles/wild blackberry briars from the southern wall of the house and taking out some of the scrub growing along the fence on that side of the yard.  We could be fancy and call it a wilderness garden or something similar, but it's actually just a mess.  An invitation-to-snakes garden?  The clearing-out helped, but it still needs work.

Somehow, we went from chilly to hot almost overnight.  The temperatures are nice enough if you're sitting in the shade, but work of any description (especially in the sun) is a very sweaty and exhausting proposition.  Highs in the 80s already!  Weeds popping up everywhere!  Time to get serious about mulching.

- - - - - - -


Daylily seedlings in their new home on the covered patio:

New Daylily Seedlings

Attempting to propagate ivy (to grow on the lattice wall of the covered patio):

Propagating English Ivy

Blueberry blooms:

Blueberry Blooms

Azaleas about to burst into bloom:


Tiny daffodils:

Tiny Daffodils

Aloe plants coming out of the garage again:

Aloe Vera

White loropetalum in bloom:

White Loropetalum

A new plant-- blue sea holly:

Blue Sea Holly

Another new plant-- red-hot poker/torch lily:

Red Hot Poker / Torch Lily

A new climbing rose ("Joseph's Coat") for the planned arbor by the main gate:

Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose

Green anole on the ivy trellis:

Green Anole on Ivy