Friday, June 12, 2015

A Few More Photos (Never Did Any Harm)

Cherry tomatoes ('Sweet 100'):

'Sweet 100' Cherry Tomatoes

'Sweet 100' Cherry Tomatoes

A couple of the white radishes we planted are flowering, which apparently means that they're past their prime.  I didn't know radishes bolted, but it sounds like they're really more of a cool-weather crop, so we could probably plant some in fall.

The white radishes didn't do as well as the red.  The above-ground parts of the plant grew tall and healthy, but the root was much less impressive.  We can try again next time with the leftover seeds, just in case this was a bad year for them (for some reason).

Radish Bloom

- - - - - - -

The gravel was delivered today!

The truck driver did a pretty good job of getting it on the prepared area, considering that he couldn't drive in on the other side of the tree (some limbs were too low and could mess up his truck's wiring or something).  There was a little spillover, but maybe it won't be too bad to move.  (Though if we'd known we'd need so much more landscape fabric, it would've been much better to have had enough to begin with-- but it's too late for that now...)

At least the gravel is here.  You can almost begin to believe that eventually there will be a nice, tidy parking area and pathways.  ;o)


Mt. Gravel ;o)

Right now, it's a just a giant pile of rocks, but once the second roll of weed barrier comes in, we can get serious about spreading it out (and start fixing up the pathways).