Saturday, June 27, 2015

Random Photo Saturday

Thunderstorms came through a couple of times today.  I think we ended up with at least another inch, today. 

Clouds Building

A rare moment when the purple coneflowers were "unoccupied".  They seem to have a bee on them at all times.  Calling these particular flowers "purple" is a bit of a stretch.  I think they've probably faded after a few days in the blazing sun, but they were never very bright to begin with. 

Flower Garden

Tiger lilies keep on going.  So far, only one plant has started blooming, and it's not nearly finished.  It's interesting that the different plants are staggered in bloom-time, since some plants burst into bloom in a seemingly synchronized fashion.  

Tiger Lilies

From a bit of a distance.
And yet I can see so many flaws... This elephant ear plant is scorching, lately.  I might move it, but I hate to do any more planting/transplanting than is absolutely necessary, this time of year.  The stack of edging stones is a reminder that that project is still on-going.  Worse, there are already worms in the bald cypress (in the background).  I didn't think those usually came until later in the year.  (Gross.)

From a Distance

I didn't spot this new daylily bloom until later in the day, after battering rain and melting sun, so this flower is not at its best.  I think this is the first time I've seen this daylily bloom.  Must be one of the plants Mom gave me from her garden this spring.  I like that purple!  Maybe I'll get a better photo in coming days. 


Rose of Sharon with bee.

Rose of Sharon

Couldn't resist another photo of 'Joseph's Coat', even though the light was harsh... 

'Joseph's Coat'

The foxtail fern (asparagus fern) is sending up new shoots.  

Foxtail Fern (Asparagus Fern)