Monday, June 29, 2015

A Few Morning Photos

Since I saw that the new (unknown) daylily from Mom's garden was blooming again, this morning, I went right out to take a photo, before the sun could fade it, heat could melt it, or I could forget about it altogether. 

Here it is.


It's one of the more "spider"/"unusual form" ones.  I love that dark purple!  The scape has a somewhat unusual shape, too-- a little more branched and "zig-zaggy" than the others in my garden-- but there are several more flowers to come.  This is probably one of the varieties Carrie and Victor grew from seed and gave to Mom. 

I don't have many daylilies blooming, at the moment.  Just this, one I've photographed earlier in the season that's reblooming (dark pink-purple with yellow eye, if I recall correctly), and the plain orange "ditch lilies".  I have a couple clumps of those orange "singles" in the main flower garden area.  I might mark them and move them elsewhere.  They do add color to the garden at a time when most of my other daylilies are either done or taking a breather, but I don't want them taking over... I'll have to give it some thought.

- - - - - - -

Here's another photo of 'Joseph's Coat', for no other reason than because it's a camera magnet.  ;o)

'Joseph's Coat'

The coreopsis are all still flowering, even though I'm not always quick to deadhead.  If these came true from seed, I'd leave some to set, but as it is, leaving spent flowers just makes the plant less likely to continue blooming.

'Nana' Coreopsis

I didn't remember the roses of Sharon blooming this long last year, but they probably did.

Rose of Sharon with Bee

Along the north-boundary fence (with the main gate just beyond that rose):

Flower Garden

A peek at the covered patio...
Mexican petunia is trying to expand its territory.  I need to fence it in somehow, this winter.  It's a good plant, but I don't want it everywhere

Flower Garden