Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Pot Ghetto Grew!

Remember the recent post about "pot ghettos"?

Well, the last time I had the camera outside, I snapped a few photos of my own pot ghetto.  It's grown since last time, because I'm trying to root new cuttings of bat-face cuphea, 'Purple Pizzazz' salvia, 'Sunshine' ligustrum, lemon balm, Mexican bush sage, and 'Golden Angel' leucosceptrum (if I'm not forgetting anything).  Then there are a couple of new Black Diamond crepe myrtles at the back (from Aunt Cathy)-- and I found "proliferations" on a couple of daylily scapes recently, so they're tucked into yet another pot.

(Even if you're not familiar with the term "proliferation", you may have seen one "in the wild".  A proliferation is one of those little things that look like a miniature daylily plant growing on the scape-- stem-- of a daylily.  Some daylilies are more likely to "proliferate" than others, and there can even be multiple proliferations on a single scape!  I usually don't notice them until after the daylily's finished blooming and I'm pulling up the empty, drying scapes.  Sometimes these baby plants will already have tender rootlets.  They remind me of air plants, just hanging onto the side of the stem like that.  You can collect them by cutting the scape just above and below where the new plant is connected.  If the baby plant has roots, it's very likely to survive on its own.  Even if there are no visible roots, a proliferation can sometimes be rooted in soil or water, like a cutting.  All proliferations are clones of the mother plant.  I'm not sure how soon these young daylilies will bloom.  Even if they wait a year to flower, they're still a shortcut, compared to starting from seed-- and you know they'll be an exact copy of the parent plant.)

To get back to the main subject, here's a peek at the pot ghetto before it underwent some slight reorganization:

Pot Ghetto

Of course, the pot ghetto is mingling with my permanently-potted plants, so it looks like even more than it is...

But that is a lot of pots...

Pot Ghetto

Over in a corner are a few straggling vines (which have been nibbled by rabbits and may not survive transplant into the garden) and some empty pots waiting for future cuttings...

Pot Ghetto

Out in a shady part of the garden there are several more little potted plants (not pictured) waiting to see if I will ever plant them, this summer... And then there are some things that will certainly not be planted into the garden until autumn (if even then).

These are two of the pineapple lilies and the pot of tuberoses:

Mini Pot Ghetto

And that's the pot ghetto as of late June 2016!