Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Late April Vegetable Garden Update

We have three baby zucchini plants-- one that just came up today (not this one):


Swiss chard has sprouted:

Swiss Chard

Loose-leaf lettuce is already a yummy shade of green:

Loose-Leaf Lettuce

Radishes are always pretty:


I didn't get a picture of them, but a few of the tiniest green sprouts of bunching onion are beginning to appear.  No sign from the dill, though.

- - - - - - -

This piece of pepper was bitten off the main plant by a pest (cut worm?), so we tossed it aside.  After days of torrential rain, I noticed that it was trying to grow new roots, so I planted it-- but then it drooped, and we figured it was done.  Now it's perking up again!

A very determined little plant:

The Little Pepper That Could

From a distance, the pepper & squash bed (also hosting two cherry tomatoes):

Pepper and Squash (and Tomato) Bed

This afternoon, we noticed that there are a couple of squash blossoms getting ready to bloom soon!  And some of the tomatoes have been blooming, too!

Here's the tomato bed, where we found a volunteer tomato from last year.  Considering how far we moved these beds and how mixed up the soil has been, I'm pretty surprised to see it.  No telling whether it's from a hybrid or an heirloom, either.

Tomato Bed

- - - - - - - 

Some of the nasturtiums I transplanted to the border of this bed are turning yellow, but a few look relatively happy.  The dwarf marigolds continue to grow, and some of the flower seeds I scattered are also sprouting.  We should have plenty of marigolds, at least.  I can only hope they'll be satisfied in such close quarters.  If the irrigation system doesn't water them enough, I'll have to remember to do it by hand-- an iffy prospect.  (...Or I could transplant them to the flower garden, if they're drying out too much in the cinder block holes.)