Friday, April 24, 2015

Vegetable Update

Not a whole lot to report, at this point.

The tomatoes are the most noticeable growers, though I'm sure the peppers and squash are getting bigger, too.

We noticed that the squash was looking a little yellow, earlier this week, so Donald mixed up some liquid fertilizer for all of the veggies.  (We need to figure out a feeding schedule.  If it's on a calendar, it might actually get done.)

Vegetable Beds

Some of the seeds have sprouted. 
Here's radish:


Also sprouted are lettuce and Swiss chard.  No sign of the onions or zucchini, yet, and I haven't remembered to check for dill. 

- - -

The broken/bitten-off piece of bell pepper plant that I thought was rooting has wilted away, after all.  No big deal; we'll already have more than enough bell peppers, if the other four perform as well as last year's peppers did.

- - - 

I put a few nasturtiums in some of the cinder block holes.  I'd read that they're good for tomatoes, so I focused on the "tomato bed".  I don't know if they'll do well there, but it can't hurt to try.  

- - - 

And finally, we're still keeping watch over the blueberries...