Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain.  Lots of rain.  That's been our last few days, and according to the forecast, we can expect more of the same. Our five-inch-capacity rain gauge was getting full, so Donald emptied it out last night.  Almost another half-inch since then!

Normally, I don't mind rain that much, but these weeks of heavy rain every day, inch upon soaking inch?  They grate on your nerves.

Puddle Reflection

Many of the little pots of seedlings (out on the covered patio) were floundering, so I've had to rearrange them (mostly by taking the pots out of their trays to allow better drainage).  The kiddie pool full of repotted daylilies didn't seem like such a great idea, any more, so Monday morning I moved them out again.  They're clustered around the protection of the large pink loropetalum.


- - - - - - -

Monday morning, while looking out the window over the kitchen sink, I spied something red moving rhythmically over by the fire pit.   Binoculars revealed a woodpecker, picking at the ground.  (There's a lot of decaying wood in that area.  Probably a veritable buffet for an insect-eating bird.)  It was a pileated woodpecker-- the kind with the cool red crest.  We saw him again in the same spot, this morning.  No photos, I'm afraid.  (Too far away for the regular lens, and by the time I get the super-zoom lens, he's gone.)

Less exotic birds-- doves, mockingbirds-- have been making their presence known, lately, too.  I've been seeing a blue jay, and cardinals visit fairly often.  There's a tiny brown bird that I think may have been nesting in one of the pots on the patio.  I might have inadvertently frightened it away to another spot, though.  Donald put out the hummingbird feeder on Sunday, but with all the rain, it might be diluted, now... Then there was just a glimpse of a bluish bird, but I didn't see it well enough to identify it.  We need to put up a platform-style feeder.  We keep meaning to, but never get around to it.

Blue jay gathering nest-building material:

- - - - - - -

The Joseph's Coat roses are soggy and drooping:

Joseph's Coat Rose

The Knock Out roses look pathetic.  The weight of the rain has some branches bowed down to the ground.

Red KO Rose

The younger, smaller yellow KO roses are faring better, as they don't yet have any long, heavy branches to droop.  (I'll probably cut back most of the roses, this winter... or fall.)

Yellow KO Rose

The old-fashioned climber is still blooming.  I was feeling a little resentful that the rain was ruining its bloom time, this year, but there are still plenty of closed buds.  Maybe next week will be better.

Old-Fashioned Climbing Rose

The newly opened roses look as fresh as ever.

Old-Fashioned Climbing Rose

Spider on a birch leaf:

Spider on Birch Leaf

Heavenly bamboo (nandina):

Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina)

Moss (down in the wettest, shadiest part of the yard):


Moss? Lichen? Whatever.

A soggy morning in the garden:

Flower Garden, Drenched

The vegetables remain standing.  Dare we hope that the aluminum collars are working?!

Bell Peppers

Let's close with a rose... and wishes for sunnier days to come.  Please note that they should be pleasantly cool sunnier days, not the type of steamy, muggy, humid sunnier days that drive you back indoors after a few miserable, sticky minutes.  (Yeah, right!  Like that's gonna happen!)

Old-Fashioned Climbing Rose