Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Photos and Chit-Chat

This morning, we went out and did a little gardening, despite a light misting of rain.  (The weather's supposed to improve after tomorrow.)

We planted some seeds (lettuce, bunching onion, Swiss chard, radishes, zucchini, dill, marigold, portulaca) as well as a jalapeno.  Except for okra, which will go in next month, there are no other vegetables in the current plans.

A few plants found homes in the flower garden, too.

First, there are these yellow Asiatic lilies.  Donald chose and planted them.  Having someone else pick a few plants, now and then, adds some interest to the garden, because I probably wouldn't have picked the yellow, myself.  (I imagine many of us find ourselves inadvertently gravitating toward the same colors again and again.)

Asiatic Lily

The nursery tag didn't provide very specific information (always annoying), so I have no idea which variety it is. 

Asiatic Lily

Meanwhile, I planted bleeding heart.  This is one of those many, many plants I've loved but had decided wouldn't grow here.  Well, what with one thing or another, I was under the impression that it actually could grow here, so decided to give it a try.

...So of course I come home and read the experiences of several Southern gardeners who've loved and lost this beautiful plant.  I'm trying to reconcile myself to the idea that this will be a one-season plant for us, likely never to return.   (And I think it's probably already had its bloom, too, so we won't even get to enjoy that!  Hmph.)  Of course, anything's possible... Maybe it will thrive!

Bleeding Heart

The pinata lavender, for instance, has survived its winter in the garage.  Sure, it looks a little scraggly in spots, but it is definitely putting on new growth, and the cutting is doing well, too.

Incidentally, I was under the impression that this "pinata lavender" was "Spanish lavender"-- but while looking at other plants, I came across something marked "Spanish lavender" that looked very different.  Apparently I was mistaken.  What I have is "fern leaf lavender" (or "jagged lavender"), Lavendula pinnata.   

(...Now I need to add real Spanish lavender to the wish list...)

Pinata Lavender

Ghost plant in a tiny hypertufa pot... Reminds me that I'd love to make some more hypertufa tubs.  I think I need more Portland cement...

Ghost Plant

Here's another small 'tufa pot, this one holding stones from Sweden and covered in moss:

Moss and Stone

The Nearly Wild rose is covered in bloom:

Nearly Wild Rose

And the old-fashioned pink climber is still soldiering along, despite the rain.  The flowers are drooping, but they smell as rosy as ever.  

Old-Fashioned Climbing Rose

This is another stage in the life-cycle of the dreaded leaf-footed bug:

Leaf-Footed Bug

Green anole putting on a show:

Green Anole

This morning, I was surprised to find this near the rose bed in front of the bay window.  I'm pretty confident this is passionflower vine.  Now, I wouldn't bet money on it, because I'm not a big gambler, but I'm pretty sure.

I'm happy to see it coming up anywhere at all, because it's been so slow making an appearance-- but I'm less thrilled that it's coming up here instead of in front of the trellis we built especially for it.  (Ungrateful little... ;o))  However, if it's just now coming up here, maybe it'll still come back by the trellis.  If not, I may transplant this piece, once it puts on some size. 

Passionflower Vine?

Overview of part of the flower garden:

Garden Overview

It should look pretty different, once we (ever) get some of the bigger projects done.  Gravel driveway... Gravel path edged all the way in those "stones"... Arbor by the gate, for the climbing rose... More plants (eventually) to create a true cottage garden... And a new fence and gate (though don't press me on when exactly that will materialize).  It's a lot!  One step at a time...